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Screen grab of Hillary Shaw on TVWMy plan for the duration of my children’s development was to work in concert with my husband to ensure their needs were met, working as a team to make decisions that would provide them and us with a balanced, modest existence. I had intended to execute this plan in relative anonymity, within the safety and comfort of my community and circles of friends and family. About three years ago, I felt compelled to step out of my comfort zone to support the needs of a new public school in Seattle, so I co-founded a PTA, of which I was twice elected president. Before my final term was over, I took on the role of an interim director at a local preschool that serves about 100 children in our community. When that wonderful opportunity came to a close in mid-October, I looked forward to finally focusing on my family and my home again, with any left over time devoted to legislative advocacy for amply funding basic education in Washington, a role that -to be most effective- requires me to abandon most/all comfort zones.

The metamorphosis from behind-the-scenes advocacy to public interface was completed last week when I delivered my first public testimony in Olympia, urging the legislature to move a “safety net” bill out of committee to prevent a “levy cliff” from forcing devastating cuts to staff at schools throughout Washington. In a week’s time, I have twice delivered public testimony on behalf of all children in Washington State.

….yadda, yadda, I’ve only skied once this season, today, February 7 <<cough>> DeVos…

Unbeknownst to them, the inspiring children of my community (including my own) have turned me into a reluctant extrovert and stalwart advocate for all children and for public education. I maintained a bipartisan, unbiased presence when representing the PTA, and I have/will always continue to promote and champion organizations such as Washington’s Paramount Duty. At the moment, this crucial moment in our state’s and our nation’s history, I have no ties to any particular organization, allowing me unique freedom to swiftly distribute information and work as an unencumbered individual with all parties and citizens to ensure our state’s paramount duty is fulfilled. To that end, I have created a public facebook page, which will evolve as needed, but will initially focus on amply funding public education in Washington (and other states facing similar challenges) and will provide education, action items, and assignments for effective advocacy:


Please join the constructive, collaborative conversation and share with friends.

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